What are Integrated Family Service Centres/ Integrated Service Centres?

Family services in Hong Kong are mostly provided by Integrated Family Service Centres (“IFSCs”) situated throughout Hong Kong according to a planning guideline of one centre for every 100,000 to 150,000 people.  41 such centres are operated by the Social Welfare Department; the other 26 (1) are subvented by the Department and operated by non-governmental organisations (“NGOs”).  The IFSC service mode was devised in 2004 to provide one-stop-shop service for all families within a defined geographic service boundary – from preventive to supportive to remedial.  A review (2) published in 2010 found however, that “at present, relatively more IFSC professional manpower is deployed to remedial work.”  The review also recommended that IFSCs should find ways to improve efficiency and enhance services through the appropriate use of information technology.

  1. Including two Integrated Services Centres in Tung Chung
  2. The Consultant Team, Department of Social Work and Social Administration, The University of Hong Kong, “Building Effective Family Services: Review on the Implementation of the IFSC Service Mode” report,  May 2010 (downloadable at https://www.swd.gov.hk/doc/family/IFSC/ReportonReviewontheImplementationoftheIFSCservicemode_w3c.pdf)

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